Rideshare Drivers

Drive for Uber or Lyft?

Congratulations! You are a Business Owner.

It's time to file your tax return, and you need someone knowedgeable about rideshare drivers. Hampton Roads Accounting is experienced preparing returns for Lyft and Uber drivers, and can help you maximize your deductions.

If you use Hurdlr, MileIQ, Quickbooks SE, or another mileage tracker, we can used your data to ensure you claim all allowable mileage. If you don't use one, we can recommend on that is right for you.

We will also work with you throughout the year, answering questions and ensuring you take advantage of any deductions you are entitled to. We do taxes year-round, and are here for you.

Hampton Roads Accounting offers Uber and Lyft Business Owners:
- Quality, Convenient Service
- Faster Refunds with E-Filing
- No Appointment Necessary - all work is completed online
- Degreed Accountants
- Enrolled Agents, licensed by the IRS
- Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated

Let's Get Started!

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