Special offer for our Nextdoor neighbors: $50 off professional tax preparation fees! (new clients only)

Hampton Roads Accounting specializes in tax preparation services for individuals, independent contractors, and small businesses.  We are locally owned and operated, with a small staff that focuses on great service for our clients.

Here's what you can expect:

Fast, efficient preparation of your tax returns - Our goal is to have all returns ready for signature within 24 hours of receiving all required information.

A personal touch - We will review the information you provide, and look for additional items that may lower your tax liability.

Convenience - Most of our clients enjoy using our secure client portal to upload documents, review and sign their returns.  If you prefer, you can also drop off documents to our office, email or fax them in, whichever option you prefer.

No hidden pricing - Our prices are very competitive, and are about 30% lower than the nationwide average.  See our pricing below:

  • $200 ($150 Nextdoor) – Individual Tax Return – includes Federal and State returns, Itemized Deductions. This covers most tax return clients.

  • $300 ($250 Nextdoor) – Individual Tax Return, with 1-2 Rental Properties
  • $300 ($250 Nextdoor) – Sole Proprietor - Includes your individual tax return.
  • $300 ($250 Nextdoor) – Independent Contractor - Includes your individual tax return.
  • $300 ($250 Nextdoor) – Single-Member LLC (Disregarded Entity) - Includes your individual tax return.

  • $400 ($350 Nextdoor) – Multi-Member LLC - Includes K-1’s
  • $400 ($350 Nextdoor) – Partnerships - Includes K-1’s

    Note: The prices above cover 99% of clients.  If your situation is very different (foreign income, large number of rental properties, or similar), we will discuss pricing before we begin.

Let's Get Started!

Visit our Appointments Page and schedule a time for a no-obligation appointment to discuss your tax preparation needs. 

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