Service Professionals

Plumber, electrician, handyman, dog groomer, painter, power washer, home theater specialist.  You are the professional who went in business to do what you love.

But, you probably don’t love the ‘business’ part of it.  That’s where Hampton Roads Accounting comes in.

Love dogs, but hate the bookkeeping?  We can help.

Love to help a new family remodel their kitchen, but hate all the back office requirements (calling the office for an available appointment, having to go back to your computer to provide a quote, create an invoice, collecting a check, going to the bank, recording everything in your accounting software?  We can help.

We take care of all your back office paperwork.  Take a look at what we offer below, and see if we can help you focus on your business.

With our help, you can focus on doing what you love, and we will take care of the rest.

Is this you today?

Get a call from a prospective customer for a repair.  Create paper estimates, scheduling, invoicing, collecting payment or billing the customer.

When you order supplies, you try to keep track of invoices, record in your bookkeeping software (you know, the one they said was easy to use!), and hope you don’t forget anything.

Pay your employees (and yourself!), pay taxes when they are due, remember to renew your business license (and contractor license), balance your bank account, and a dozen other ‘must do’ things just to keep your business paperwork under control.

Is this why you went into business?  Probably not.

This CAN be you, within just a few days:

Get a call from a prospective customer for a repair.  Use your tablet to schedule the appointment, route your techs (or yourself) to the job, create an estimate and an invoice, collect payment and customer signature, email them a receipt.  Move on to your next job.

Order supplies like you normally do.  Purchases are recorded, bank accounts are reconciled, bookkeeping is completed.  Little to no paperwork to worry about.

A few clicks ensures you and your employees are paid on time.

Reminders are set for taxes, recurring events, and more.

Get back to the REAL reason you got into business – to make money doing what you love.  Hampton Roads Accounting will take care of the rest.

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