Taxes Don’t Have To Be Stressful!

Do you get stressed every April?  Do you worry about being audited?  You don’t have to be.  A little planning is all it takes.

There are over 1,500 possible deductions and credits you may be eligible for.  Some just require a little planning to ensure you can claim them.

Hampton Roads Accounting works with individuals and small businesses to ensure taxes are prepared correctly.

Take a look below and see how we can help, then complete the form to the right to get started.


2018 Filing Deadline for
Individual Returns:

28Days 15Hours 50Minutes 16Seconds

A new home, new baby, career change, moving expenses, going to college.  All exciting times in your life, and all affect your taxes.
We will ensure you get credit for the deductions you are eligible for and pay the lowest tax allowable by law.
For new clients, we can also complete a review of your prior year tax returns to look for any credits or deductions you may have missed.
Also, please consider Hampton Roads Accounting to prepare your entire family’s tax returns.  Many of the events that happen in your life affect multiple members of your family.  By completing returns for your entire family, we can ensure everyone gets the best results possible.


2018 Filing Deadline for
S-Corp / Partnership / Tax Exempt:

-4Days -8Hours -9Minutes -44Seconds

While it is now past the regular filing date for S-Corp / Partnership / Tax Exempt returns, we can still help you file your return. Please contact us immediately for assistance.

Note: We only work with small and micro-businesses (less than $5 million in annual sales).  If you are larger than this, we will be happy to refer you to a partner accounting firm.
Started a new business in the past year?  Please contact us as soon as possible.  There are many startup expenses you incurred, and many of them are deductible.  As your business grows, keeping track of deductible expenses can be tricky.  We can take care of this for you.
Ongoing business, but tired of doing your own taxes?  Or, are you concerned you may be missing valuable deductions and credits?  We can help.  We specialize in returns for sole proprietors, partnerships, LLCs/LLPs, and small corporations.
For new clients, we can complete a review of your prior year tax returns to identify any missed deductions or credits you may be entitled to.
One convenient service we offer is to complete your family’s returns along with the business return.  As many of our clients are pass-through entities,  we can help reduce the risk of audit by ensuring all related returns are correct.

Are you an Uber or Lyft Driver? 
Visit our Rideshare page for special information.


We don’t believe in the ‘pay for each form’ pricing system of so many other tax preparers.  Instead, we have five simple tiers, based on the customer’s needs.  If your particular tax situation requires extensive additional work to complete, we will contact you first to discuss any additional fees required.

  • $150 – Individual Tax Return – includes Federal and State returns, Itemized Deductions. This covers most tax return clients.
  • $200 – Individual Tax Return – with 1-2 Rental Properties
  • $200 – Sole Proprietor – Includes your individual tax return.
  • $200 – Single-Member LLC’s (Disregarded Entity). Includes your individual tax return.
  • $350 – Multi-Member LLC’s. Includes K-1’s
  • $350 – Partnerships, Includes K-1’s
  • $600 and up – S Corporation – Form 1120S
  • $1000 and up – C Corporation – Form 1120
  • Prior Year Taxes – If you haven’t filed prior year taxes, please contact our office as soon as possible. Penalties and fees continue to grow until the return is filed and paid.
  • Tax Resolution – If you have received a notice from the IRS or your State Tax Agency, please contact our office for assistance.
  • Something Else? Contact us for a custom quote.


We Love Referrals!
You can earn $20 for each referral that becomes a new Hampton Roads Accounting tax client.  Just visit our Refer-A-Friend Page for full details!